All different. All the same.

The project I am sharing today took me FO-RE-VER. But it was meant to be that way. Some ideas need to be nurtured at their own time and their own pace, and if they are rushed they just don’t happen… like a baby needs 9 months to grow inside a mum’s belly or a good bread dough needs its own time to ferment.

This project started almost 2 years ago during a trip to Romania, when my husband and I were visiting a beautiful town called Sibiu and he suggested to take a detour and to walk a bit further to explore some streets on a beautiful afternoon.

This is how we met Andrei Pandea and we got to know about his cute little shop and his creative ceramic artwork.

This is how we left the shop. So, yes, we kinda loved it.

Sibiu, Romania, Andrei Pandea

And no, we did not pay overweight on our way back and all the pieces arrived to Kuwait safely (miracle). And yes, I don’t deserve this husband.

These are some of the pieces we bought:

Creepy? I know, but art should not keep you indifferent.

But my very best favorite and the focus of this post are the 10 little figurines that we also picked from Andrei’s shop. Each one of them is different, yet they are all the same, representations of human beings.

My first attempt to display them was in a glass box I bought in Zara Home. That was a “miss”. Figurines were caged in a bulky structure and it wasn’t working. Needed more maturing, more time and more thinking.

2015-05-30 17.56.12

After some time (and having return the case to Zara) I started to look into glass bells. They have no angles, a smooth curved top and are great for displaying items from any collection.


Available in Kuwait? Nope. Delivery needed from Amazon.

I squeezed and squeezed my brain to decide if i should buy them with a ready-made base or not. But who likes easy? Nah! I then added the “fun” part (ha!) of designing the peeeeeeerfect bases and asking a carpenter in Kuwait to make them a reality.

Two kids, full time job, no fluent Arabic and a hefty price made the project took slightly longer than expected but after a while started to take place.

2016-03-09 06.57.23.jpg

2016-03-09 06.57.06-2

2016-04-09 19.05.46

But after different attempts, this was the final output…



All different. All the same. We are all humans, and we should respect and love each other for that. But each of us is unique in our own way which makes the human race a wonderful thing, a potential source for enriching, respecting and learning from each other. Every time i go up the stairs I think about this, specially in today’s crazy world.

More respect, more understanding.

Anyways, loved how it ended looking. And you?