Crossed leg coffee table

You should have seen me when i was one day in my dearest Friday Market and i saw what would be the catch of the month!!! Almost fainted.THOSE LEGS!Not a boring piece, yet not over done.
Simple yet with a touch of sophistication.
Subtle but with a strong personality.
Nothing ordinary.
A statement piece.Perfection.Had to be mine. Now.

2015-12-15 08.33.51

So, as expected it came back home with me.

And you know what happens when you are fall in love… we ALL tend to overlook all these obvious defects, glitches and twitches that the other person has… Specially in my case, when my speed dating with the coffee table lasted for a maximum of 30 seconds. SO, after one long hour i reached back home with the table  (and with it, a long censoring look of my husband… hehehe I dont blame him) and then is when i REALLY started getting to know the table.
Not so great. Not at all. Legs were cool, but wood was really really dry and had been exposed to water, as i could see. The top was… how can i say it nicely? Worse than in bad condition. Lets take a close look:
2015-12-15 08.33.56.jpg
And even a bit closer…
 2015-12-15 08.33.59.jpg
And another one of the legs to really grasp reality…
  2015-12-15 08.35.05.jpg
First, i sanded and sanded and sanded both the legs and the top… my idea was to stain the wood again with a walnut tone to have a timeless and classy coffee table. But my plan failed miserably. The sanding part worked, and staining the legs also, but that top was far too damaged and when i stained it looked all patchy and with 50 shades of brown… NOT FUN.
I will spare you the drama and the picture with the drama. In part because i didn’t even take one.
What i did next was to seal the top with a primer, and then apply layer after layer of paint… in a beige color. And here the result.
And please, allow me for one last before and after:

2015-12-15 08.33.51IMG_3216.JPG