T.T.T.T. (aka. The Teal Teepee Tent).

I always liked little  tents where kids can sit with their toys, play, eat their biscuits, hide and specially make a mess. My daughter got this one gifted from her uncle from Ikea, she loved it and use to spend hours on it.

With time, and seeing how much she enjoyed it I started to browse the never ending Pinterest catalogue,  and I was mesmerized how every single mum in the world has DIYed a teepee for their kiddos. How did they do it? They really knew how to sew? Why wasn’t i born with the skills?  I wanted to be like them, be part of that ‘the-perfect-mum-league’, but sadly little time and skills set the goal to be unreachable.

But I am a practical (and stubborn) person. I wanted a teepee, I was obsessed. Yes, i don’t know how to sew, but just in front of my house in Sabah al Salem in Kuwait, my dear neighbor has a small tailor booth that has helped saved me more than once. And no, even for a second i though that was cheating. This is a “co-partnered” DIY, split into “thinker” “Doer” roles… maybe I should call this a TIY (Think It Yourself). Nevermind.

I was all set, I “only” needed:

  • a design (easy, but what to choose from? there were zillions in the ciberspace)
  • sticks (uff, any carpenter available?)
  • rope to hold the sticks together (had some left from a previous project)
  • fabric (easy, but hit or miss)
  • ornaments, if any (oh yes, indeed I wanted some)
  • a tailor (checked)

So, let me go one by one.


Sketch of a teepee tent

Sticks: found in True Value.

Sticks teepee tent True Value Kuwait

Sticks teepee tent True Value Kuwait - price and dimensions

Fabric: found a last piece of this fabric in Kuwait’s fabric souq.

Teal fabric from Kuwait fabric market for teepee tent

I followed the tutorial of The Thud which is my preferred one after quite a lot of looking around. So first we draw the holes to pass the rope…


And then I took my design, my measurements and materials and literally crossed the street to beg for help establish a collaboration with the tailor.

One week and KD 20 later, magic happened.

2016-06-15 20.13.39

2016-06-15 20.13.54