Candy stripped chair

A couple of months ago i managed to get a chair  with a very cute shape and lots of potential in Friday Market.

Lots. Of. Potential.

These are the three magic words that i repeat in my head and make me feel so much better every time I’m not even 32% convinced of what i buy, why i am buying it or when i will have the time to redo it.

Here is the one:


After driving it home and letting it hibernate in a dark storage room for a couple of months, ok half year, i decided it was time to bring that potential out and finally reupholster it. To start with, i sprayed painted the legs in a shinny black, just to make sure that if the legs were showing, they would look a bit more decent than their current status.

The idea that took shape in my head was to use this chair in the kids room, so I looked for a cheerful and lively fabric that could go well both for curtains and for the chair. I wanted something bold and with personality, while affordable and semi-opaque, for the window treatment. The chosen fabric was Sofia from Ikea, at KD 2.750 per meter.


And this is the final result. As you can see below, i asked to cover the legs with a skirt and to center a red line. Also, the upholsterer added some red pipe around the lower part of the seat, which makes it look very cute 🙂



And a last before and after: