My manifesto

1. A home should be a peaceful and cozy space.
​If you don’t feel good where you live, change it.

2. YOUR space should fit YOUR needs
If you don’t wanna have a reception area, don’t have one. If you want an open plan kitchen, go for it. Forget your in-laws or what your cousins will say… you are the one living in it.

3. Plan, plan and plan again
Plan, plan and plan before you start. Then execute. This way you will minimize the mistakes and the headaches throughout the process.

4. And remember the lighting… in your plan.
When lighting is properly done you will not notice it, everyone will look their best and feels relaxed and comfortable. In Kuwait there is a LOT of overly bright lighting, sometimes visiting homes that feel more like a hospital emergency room. Even using fluorescent tubes lighting rooms heavily used. No matter who did your make up that day, you are LOST!

5. An old house is no excuse
My heart breaks when i see old solid houses being demolished in Kuwait. As a replacement new house is build with thinner walls, less insulation, etc… living in an old house doesn’t mean you can live cozy.

6. Design is NOT expensive
Think Ikea, think Abyat, think Banta, think re-doing your old stuff, even if you dare… think Friday Market and a layer of paint! If you know how to mix and match, you will win the game.

7. You don’t need more space
The amount of stuff we accumulate over time can be enormous. Decluttering and intelligent storage options are your best friends when you dream BIG and your space is limited.

8. Personalize
Add accesories, add art, any art can do… your own art or your kids’ or nephews’ art… do it in style and you will get a unique look.

9. Dare
Nothing is forever, dare, risk and if you don’t like it, start all over again.