About me


Hello world, my name is Carolina, and i am of the creative flare. During the day i work at a corporation, and during my free time i love purchasing old pieces of furniture and giving them a new life. I love hunting for that unique piece that will get some my unconditional love and attention to be redone and nurture my home and soul.

I also love interiors and i love where old meets new. I like eclectic, and try to run away from standardization and mass production. I like popular art and when i travel, i load by bags with items to bring back home.

Sometimes, I am a perfectionist and a stubborn self and the 80/20 rule doesn’t apply, but sometimes i do optimize.

I have two very small kids. And a husband. We laugh, we laugh a lot. And sometimes we don’t, hehehe 🙂

I live in Kuwait.

Ah, and i am from Barcelona, best city ever.